Thatchers Blood Orange new ten-can pack

Thatchers Blood Orange new ten-can pack

Thatchers Cider has extended the format range for its Blood Orange Cider to include a 10x330ml can pack.

Thatchers Blood Orange new ten-can pack

This is the first time the Somerset cider maker has packaged its cider in a 10x330ml can pack. The new pack will be available on shelf from 14th June, and in wholesale from the beginning of July for independent convenience retailers.

Jonathan Nixon, commercial director at Thatchers, is optimistic the new packaging format will be well received by shoppers and will serve to help keep interest stimulated in premium flavours.

He said: “We know the smaller 330ml can appeals to those younger 18 to 30-year-old shoppers who opt for fruit cider. And it’s this same audience who seek out the provenance and sustainability that Thatchers is committed to.  Fruit flavours with their premium positioning, create a buzz that keeps consumers engaged with this exciting category.

“Due to the success of Blood Orange, we’ve been inundated with requests for a mid-pack. This is a format rapidly gaining momentum in the market, as we have seen with our Gold and Haze 10-packs.”

Thatchers Blood Orange is also available in 500ml bottle and 4x440ml can packs. Thatchers has continued to invest significantly in its brands, with strong marketing campaigns, including TV and digital advertising. A widespread sampling campaign will see Thatchers attend over 30 major festivals and events this summer.

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