Ernest S Lapin

Ernest .S. Lapin

Ernest Lapin, a seasoned South African professional, brings a wealth of diverse industry experience to the forefront of the advertising landscape. With a robust background spanning the food industry, transport and logistics, sales and marketing, advertising, and security, Ernest’s multifaceted expertise uniquely positions him as a dynamic force in the business world.

Ernest’s journey commenced in the food industry, where he honed his strategic acumen and management skills. His commitment to quality and innovation laid the groundwork for a successful career characterized by adaptability and a keen business sense which had him achieve a c-level position in the field. 

Ernest’s foray into sales and marketing showcased his strategic approach and results-driven mindset both became hallmarks of his professional repertoire granting him the priviledge to manage accounts such as Adverts 365 Africa, Strumbo Sweets, The Botswana Film festival, Anttention Media Africa and many more.

Ernest Lapin’s influence extends beyond borders, having traveled extensively throughout Africa, he cultivated a nuanced understanding of cross-cultural dynamics. These experiences not only enrich his global perspective but also position him as a bridge-builder in international business relations.

In the world of advertising, Ernest Lapin stands as a testament to the power of versatility, experience, and a global perspective. He spends his days investing in young agencies across Africa with out-of-the-box potential.