Travel Agency Video Tutorial Media Campaign


Client is a reknowned travel agency. They had just created an affiliate programme for their customers. This was a programme designed to increase their customer base. It was going to be a video tutorial targeted at their pre-existing customers.


The challenge was that there was no script for the video and we had to create this using a powerpoint presentation that we were shown. The second challenge was that the only person who could record this content had never been in front of a camera before and so required training. These were challenges that we were excited about.


We first converted the presentation to a script. A script with sequences, broken down to key frames , intro’s, cue music and outro’s were also inbuilt. We then trained the presenter in all of 2 hours on how to get comfortable in front of the camera. This was an amazing one for us as we were excited to have achieved a level of success.


The video production was rounded up, enhanced with 2d animation and delivered. A google advert was then set up and linked to a landing page that had the video embedded on it. This page also had a form embedded into it to allow interested participants fill it up. The link was then shared to existing customers with their unique refferal codes embedded in-link.  The video link got over 400k hits with about 6k conversions (filled forms).