MTN/Arsenal CRBT Mobile Campaign


Arsenal FC Caller Ringback tunes provided by the Football Club were uploaded on MTN Nigeria’s platform and we were mandated to get 15,000 subscribers to download the tune with a possibility of also winning branded gift items.


  1. The network operators did not trust their data on individuals who had smartphones
  2. The mobile operators could not figure out who was an arsenal football club fan as they hadn’t run anything along these lines in the past.
  3. The content provided by the football club to their partners though original chants and interviews were not what an average content buff would consume locally in Nigeria.


  1. Once of the criterias used in selecting brand envoy for this gig was simply because of the creative content we had created and sold on the network platforms. e.g sports tunes for subscribers. We simply asked for the data on subscribers who had ever subscribed to our “Gunners for Life” club anthem and began our marketing from there.
  2. We created a landing page which automatically played a 10 second excerpt of the tune we needed subscribers to download on loading. The subscribers were then urged to put down their names on a mini feedback form after which we created specialized tunes for the respondents.
  3. From this moment onwards, the work had spread in the market and every Arsenal FC wanted a specialized tune or at least any tune available. It wasn’t a hard sell from this point onwards with the highlights being that we gave away 10 authentic branded jerseys to the most active fans of the month over a 10 Month period.
  4. We then created Localized content mixed with the foreign chants. This was an instant hit as we had also included a complimentary media campaign. As sports radio stations like Brilla FM adopted the songs, our parallel mobile promotions across 100,000 mobile devices peaked due to this.


High advanced engagement – At the end of the campaign, we had 48,000 registered subscribers. A number surpassing the intended target.