Positioning and Digital Campaign for Real Estate Brand


Client is a luxury real estate brand that builds apartments for HNI’s.  The project was to assist in positioning the brand’s newest project as well as create a social media presence that would provide the required awareness. The client also requested that we revamp their website.


The challenge was that the project was still ongoing and 65% percent complete. This meant that we needed to position the apartments despite not being completed. Lastly, the client had a website which required a lot of content especially as the new website required even more content.


The campaign required shooting videos around the project, interviewing workers, utilizing events around the period such as the end SARS campaign, the Valentine Celebration, Workers Day Celebration and more. We also created beautiful quality graphics that sold the brand and positioned it as a luxury piece of to-have real estate. Lastly, using effective copywriting, we positioned the project and generated interest on social media. Copywriting also helped with the website re-design as we were able to create sufficient content for the various pages of the website.


The campaign generated interests from potential clients. About 68 HNI clients came in for a tour of the premises over a 5-month campaign period and12 converted to actual sales.