Destination Branding for a Mine Company


We were contracted by GTA, a Canadian based mineral and energy brand to source for Umbrellas, rain coats, rain boots and mining head-lamps for use in a Ghanaian mine. Post conclusions, 2 team members traveled to China as agreed with client to source for the items. With proper negotiations, we sourced for the products at the best price and then proceeded to brand them locally in Nigeria after which we exported them to a mine located in Accra, Ghana where our client’s mining partners were located.


  1. Getting the products back to Nigeria from China posed a little challenge.
  2. Our next challenge was churning out the branded materials while still maintaining the quality.


  1. On the first challenge,our boss Mr Obike Temple was able to get across to some old contacts in Ghanzou who were able to get us a chinese agent that was able to get the products back to us in exactly two weeks.
  2. For the second challenge we delegated the jobs to four team members. The project was handled as a four-pronged project with team members handling either the umbrellas, headlamps, rainboots or raincoats.


This job opened up a lot of branding jobs for us in Nigeria as the quantum and visibility it gave us while at the printing presses was huge. Random clients coming to print were asking questions on what company it was handling such a huge international gig. It got to a point our boss asked that one of the staff members stay they to inform them that we also handled enquiries for small businesses.