Building a Pan-African News Brand


Anttention Fresh is a Pan-African News site focused on providing news and information across, business, entertainment, politics, resource materials, viral clips and more for a young African demographic. Their reader base spans over 100+ countries.


Our major challenge was researching and positioning the brand in a way that would have it maintain an African essence but still be appealing to a global audience.


This had to involve creating segments that everyone could engage with, creating a logo that made perfect sense and using colours that brought the rich existential nature of Africa to mind.


The brand identity was created and the agency was able to optimize the website for the correct SEO, tags and more. corresponding social media handles were created and article strategies for the news site structured inhouse.
The news site in the first  months registered a daily 3k+ visitors with google display ads revenues hitting almost $2  daily. 6 months in, the brand got it’s first advertising gig with a mental health company.