Building a Mental Health Brand


A mental health brand requested that we assist them in building a friendly and efficient mental health brand that would get them pan-African clients and  valuable partnerships.


Our major challenge was looking for a gap in the mental health sector in Africa.


We conducted a 6-question survey with about 200 respondents from Accra South Africa, Ethiopia and Nigeria. The feedback provided us with;

A) What the two most important elements required for successful therapy was for an African
B) An average pricing model for offering therapy across the target regions
C) The best products to offering that could add a lot more value to our clients.


The brand identity was created and the agency was able to optimize the website for the correct SEO, create communication touchpoints, and regular posts for the news site structured inhouse.

This positioning has helped over 4,000 plus clients recover their marriages, lives and more across Africa. This has also picked the interest of potential investors looking at funding the business.