Branding a Jamaican NGO


We were contracted by a Jamaican company to assist with building their NGO. This involved creating a logo and providing a go-to-market strategy


  1. At inception, no member of the team had ever been to Jamaica.
  2. As much “patua” as we thought we knew, there were definitely going to be some issues with the language.


  1. On the first challenge, We all got a copy of the Jamaican classic “Third World Cop”… and had a movie afternoon at work (Good enough excuse for chilling, even the accountant and admin peeps all crept in claiming they had inputs to make.)
  2. For the second challenge, we formed a group with members from the client-side and asked as many questions as we could. It helped us arrive at the right verbiage.


The NGO was well positioned and got the attention of the necessary organisations to their ongoing projects and work.