A Pizzeria Social Media Campaign


The client was a popular Pizzeria located in South Africa.


They needed customers coming into a newly opened outlet and had attempted using the staff to drive sales to the store. The pressured management sought out the services of an agency that was both creative and had the requisite skills to create a campaign targeting this need. We also noted that there was an unusually high number of aged citizens in the community.


Our campaign strategy was simple and would require the use of;

A) The same staff force that had previously gone marketing.
B) A revised customer campaign offering combining discounts and referrals.
C) A referral-based community campaign that would attract new customers and retain existing ones.
D) A localized and fun thank you message for clients who tipped using not just their voice but a recorded 10 second song with a professional dancer who only gets activated once theres a tip.
E) The elderly in the community was not left out of the campaign as the outlet created a pizza variant that didn’t have all the cheesy and oily dripping but had more of the vegetable toppings. This was a healthy variant for the elderly.
F) Using google display adverts and social media advertising, we were able to geo-fence the campaign and target the necessary area.

Campaign CTA:  The promise of a buy one take one to gogo (grandmother) campaign spread like wildfire in no time and coupled with our referral discounts offered, The footfalls were recorded in no time.


Our target was a month-long campaign which would get almost 300,000 impressions on social media, record 18,245 clicks and over 2k positive comments digitally. The digital/social media campaign triggered actual visits and saw over 2,500 new walk-in and paying customers.